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RetinaDesign is on one hand a small support company for the sign manufacturing business, on the other doing consultancy services for stakeholders.

The focus areas are graphic design, product design and wayfinding.

With a background as an architect, industrial design education and more than 25 years in the international sign business, I would like to offer expertise and support to companies and public authorities within sign-branding and information management.

The support and what RetinaDesign can do exactly for you and your company is mentioned in the web menu. Please run through the bullets you are most interested in and maybe call me at +45 4095 2440. Let us have a talk if you need more information.



The core services RetinaDesign offer are focused on all creative values related to signage, identity, physical profiling and wayfinding.

The professionalism is based in a comprehensive knowledge and experience obtained through more than 25 years in the signage business.

The creativity is ensured by targeted inspirational seeking and through a number of international sparring and corporation partners.

The strength is obtained by a holistic, coordinated effort in all areas: branding, physical profiling, sign design, sign graphic, decoration, signage, communication and wayfinding.

In this way RetinaDesign is working with all parts of the design process from the most airy idea concepts to very specific artwork finishing – from hardware design over sign graphic to wayfinding analyses.

For instance RetinaDesign also offers graphic and creative printing, pdf and on-location photographing to all sign manufacturers.

RetinaDesign is a creative one-stop service provider for the signage industry.



The RetinaDesign services are aimed at both buyers and sign suppliers. The big strength in this set-up is independence.

I can choose to be totally independent of certain preferences like product or company. My advices will be aimed at solutions and possibilities rather than a choice within a specific frame or product range.

On the other hand I can also – depending on customer choices – work with special products.

Finally I can, due to my long experiences from R&D departments in the business, work with the design of a brand new and/or customized sign system, or fittings for an existing product line.

Depending of the customer type and –wishes I can adjust RetinaDesign services to fit every single customer.



Many years of activity in the signage business of course makes an almost endless list of product designs, projects and proposals. I have tried listing the newest and most important sign products I was design responsible for, together with some of the many customer projects with my graphic and wayfinding touch on it.

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About RetinaDesign.

Retina is latin meaning “to keep” and is often used to name the structure in the eye where images are projected, before they are sent as light impulses to the brain. However on the retina everything is turned upside down and only turned right when it reaches the sight center of the brain.

With roots deeply in the signage business RetinaDesign is a small, cost sensitive, but innovative design company started and driven by Nils Damsgaard, M.Arch. and member of Danish Designers. The background is a comprehensive experience in product- and graphic design with a special focus on visual communication, physical profiling and branding.

I am architect educated from the Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark. My interests and specialty is and have always been industrial design with focus on product design and product graphics.

I have worked as product designer at Modulex A/S, Billund, Denmark from 1985 to 1996. In the years 1996 to 1997 I was product designer at DanFoam A/S in Aarup, Denmark. From 1997 to 2008 I was employed at Modulex Denmark A/S, this time as graphic designer and key account supporter. As senior designer from 2008 to 2011 I was responsible for all product design in Modulex A/S.

I am a holistic thinking person with sense for details, but as the images on the retina, I tend to turn things upside down seeing the tasks from an untraditional point of view. The style is minimalistic and distinct no-nonsens.

When you have worked intensively with a specific area throughout many years, you’ll get a lot of expertise and experience. It is this background that I would like to bring into my company RetinaDesign by offering you knowledge, consultancy, creativity and high quality for a fair price and with delivery in time.


Said on LinkedIn:

“Nils is a very talented and loyal graphic & environmental designer. He worked on important projects that generate a huge profit for his previous company. I strongly recommend his work in graphic design, corporate ID, signage and also in large project or product development management.”

Jean Rouaze, Designer, Ocean Design & Signaletique, Paris


"Nils is a highly competent person within his field. What I in particular appreciated with Nils’ work, was his ability to take customer inputs or abstract concepts down to concrete visuals and designs. Nils is an experienced person, who is very easy to work and communicate with."

Martin Lassen, Head of Sales and Marketing, Orifarm A/S


“Nils is a talented graphic designer - strong in communication, conceptualization and analysis."

Michael Qvortrup, Director, Danfoss Design Line, Danfoss A/S



Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or subjects you need to know more about.